smart technology partnership

Smart Partnership is the approach we follow when we select our alliances, we offer to our clients innovative and best in class technology solutions always aligned to their business strategy.

When we tie our name to a technology partner we look for intellectual growth for our customers and ourselves, we look for equal benefit for everybody.

Current strategic alliances are :

  • Microsoft: We are part of the Microsoft Partner Program that allow to us learn and support ERP, BI, collaborative and cloud based solutions for our clients.
  • Lenovo: We can provide technology solutions for the leader in PC’s and servers worldwide
  • Hewlett‑Packard: We team up with HP to design and deliver on-promise or cloud base solutions for you
  • Magic Software: Magic’s technology supports a wide range of integrations and deployment scenarios to address a variety of business needs.

IT Virtual Consultants Partners

We are always looking for technology partners that can bring value to our clients, if you think we can create synergies that allow us to grow together, please Contact Us.