technology revamp

You Crunch The Numbers, We The Technology

Have you ever wonder if you are fully taking advantage of your current technology infrastructure that supports your mission critical applications

You are not alone, companies from small to Fortune 500 have the same dilemma, each one tackling the problem in different ways, however with the same result, uncertainty!.

IT Virtual Consultants are here to help to address this problem with a new and fresh approach, based in metrics not in perceptions.

We provide high quality technology services to improve and optimize your current ERP/BI infrastructure getting the best performance out of every single component in your solution, we manage, train and grow the technology in all areas of our clients, to make them part of the business and not a burden to them, using a very simple philosophy:

  • Work Hard: Maximizing resources by performing as a team.
  • Work Smart: Using best practices in the industry of information technology and business, to be reflected in the methodology called TIOp AdvtantageTM.
  • Getting Help: Using alliances with companies that can complement and enrich the quality of our service and pass it our customers.

Technology Optimization offering covers the following areas:

  • Application Performance: We approach our assessment in two different ways, first we focus in process and the way you are using the application to detect any possible improvement for you, secondly we dig into the technology foundation supporting your enterprise application (OS, Networking, Database, Application Servers, Web Servers and Cloud configurations).
  • Hardware and Software Consolidation: We perform a detailed analysis from your current infrastructure to rationalize IT resources to reduce costs in recurring charges that inflate you budget.
  • Business Process Automation: Based on the principals of lean manufacturing, we help you to identify, automate and measure all those process bottlenecks that block your company to achieve cost/effective operations.
    SOA Validation, Design and Implementation: As part of our TIOp AdvantageTM Methodology we help your organization to evaluate its maturity to adopt SOA, if it proceeds we will work with you to design and build SOA solutions that will truly impact your business.

Our final goal is to create the harmony between IT and business needs using training and process standardization as tools to achieve a knowledge based foundation that will help your company to make quality decisions.

We Help You To Preserve Your Investment

The million dollar question after you have made an investment implementing an Enterprise Application solution is: How can I Standardize globally, Enhance current processes and Enable new initiatives without disrupting my business? Clearly the answer is keeping your investment up to date, but how?

First, you need a professional upgrade/migration assessment; we will review your current system set-up, technology architecture, outstanding help desk tickets, custom modifications and licensed software not implemented to create a baseline for the assessment.

We conduct a thorough analysis of your business requirements; new insights will show you how to maximize the modules you have already purchased and how to leverage new functionality available in the new release, including recommendation to move to a new enterprise software solution.

This Readiness Report eliminates the guesswork, tells you exactly what’s involved and most importantly, where the challenges and opportunities are within your organization. New release functionality, technology considerations, migrations and maintenance issues can be confusing. Let us provide to you the information needed to decide if this is the right time to upgrade or migrate.

By using our software independent methodology, state of the art tools and our deep knowledge in leading Enterprise Application solutions your company will know the potential ROI or the actual cost of doing business while you maintain an stable and productive environment. The major content you will expect in this report is:

  • Current state (Applications, technology, custom development and reports)
  • Helpdesk ticket analysis and problem management
  • Business initiatives that will impact the upgrade/migration
  • Upgrade/Migrate roadmap (Options and planning guide)
  • Cost analysis
  • Technology considerations
  • Risk identification and possible mitigation
  • Our recommendation

Platform Revamp Services

Once you made your decision we can help you to execute this major initiative with success because upgrades and migrations are core business for us. Our clients rely on us to provide the most effective and efficient platform revamp support using our proven approach and specialized tools:

  • Tailor-in methodology: Our platform revamp methodology is more than just a defined series of project work steps, it is an aggregation of industry best practices for tool and version upgrades, incorporating lessons learned from years of upgrade/migration projects
  • Best Practices Assets: Our consultants have access to our upgrade library and are encouraged to contribute applicable upgrade tools and templates and test scripts
  • Platform Revamp Value Analysis Tool: Our Platform Revamp assessment process analyzes the Cost vs. Benefit of a proposed tool or version upgrade or software migration and the expected return on investment.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our Technology Optimization Services and we will be happy to assist you.