project management

We Harmonize The Project Triage For You

Have you asked yourself : Why my project has failed? and without a question several books can be written about all the reasons. Finding the perfect balance in the triple constraint (Scope – Time – Budget) has been the eternal quest for excellence for all the project managers, with millions of dollars wasted along the way.

By definition two projects are not equal, PMI fundamentals to manage them are, and we bring the excellence of project management with the best practices by industry to significantly decrease the margin of error to deliver what was promised.

We specialize in business transformation projects with emphasis in the following areas :

  • Postmodern Enterprise Software Strategy.
  • Business Analytics and Big Data Roll Outs.
  • Cloud Computing Adoption.
  • Cybersecurity Initiatives.
  • Mobility and IoT Strategy, Build and Deployment.
  • Near-shore/Off-shore Delivery Centers Strategy

With our Project Management services portfolio we can cover :

  • Project Management Office (PMO): We deploy two basic models of PMOs: one that acts in a consulting capacity, providing project managers in business units with training, guidance and best practices; and a centralized version, with project managers on staff who are loaned out to business units to work on projects. How we will organize and staff the PMO depends on a myriad of organizational factors, including targeted goals, traditional strengths and cultural imperatives. When deployed in line with an organization’s culture, PMOs will help the IT Department/CIO deliver strategic IT projects that satisfy all the stakeholders in your organization. Over time the PMO can save money by enabling better resource management, reducing project failures and supporting those projects that offer the biggest payback
  • Coaching : We will assist and coach you project managers as needed, we will review project plans, status reports, deliverables and advise you with critical decision-making, re-planning and prioritizing, as well managing unexpected issues
  • Audits : We will perform a detailed audit for your projects at execution or closing phases; determining progress, status, forecast, risks and outstanding post-mortem findings. We provide a complete report after we finish our assessment of your project’s health, efficiency, gaps and risks. An independent project audit provides value in keeping a project on track or answers to unexpected variances.
  • Forensics : We will provide comprehensive turnaround services to rescue your projects in progress that are seriously wounded. We will audit your project, document our findings and act as a catalyst for guiding your team through recovery tactics and turnaround.

Contact us if you want to learn more about our Project Management Services and we will be happy to assist you