Big Data Services

We simplify complexity for your business

Without question massive amounts of unstructured data has remarkable value in it. however you need to find it first, that is where data management and other technology and analytics tools emerge to help companies not only to find it, but move the needle in the big data haystack. Harness Information, Reduce Data Complexity and Drive New Insights with Data Management Solutions are core for IT Virtual Consultants, we help to improve data management fundamentals to enhance business processes

We hep you to plan, build and deploy an information infrastructure to provide the data needed for smart business decisions, our solutions help you identify the right Big Data business opportunity and build comprehensive solutions to successfully apply new Big Data developments by:

  • Identify Big Data Opportunities: Uncover compelling insights about your business in order to gain a competitive advantage. New, vast data sources, termed “big data” are available that provide innovative insights on your customers, products, and innovations.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Implement a new analytics platform from which both business and technology can gain competitive advantage, freeing organizations from the old ways of retrospective reporting by delivering predictive analytics and improved business decisions.
  • Business Value and Agility: Using existing data warehouse skills, take the first step toward gleaning immediate business value and organizational agility from Big Data technologies.

Big Data Layers

As data volumes continue to grow and new, more detailed data sources have emerged, organizations are now able to address business opportunities that they could not previously address. New platforms (infrastructure) and tools (analytics) are emerging which are leading to the creation of new families of business applications. For that reason, whether it’s identifying the right business opportunity or uncovering compelling insights about your business to gain a competitive advantage, we help organizations build a comprehensive roadmap to successfully apply and implement new Big Data solutions.

Our approach leverages a use-case approach to identify the ramifications to your business intelligence and analytics systems, assess your current environment, and document the impact on it from Big Data. Our team of experts ascertains your level of data quality, governance, and security maturity; reviews cloud capabilities; and provides solutions to address your Big Data challenges.Our services team will create a comprehensive solution focused on your prioritized business initiatives. The solution is tailored to your unique organizational and technical requirements and capabilities.

We architect your Big Data solution and optimize every stage of your implementation. Alignment of your architecture to specific use cases is key to maximizing the value of your data. We offer the most technical insight to help move your Hadoop cluster from proof of concept to production quickly, painlessly, and with peak performance. We have partner with Cloudera to bring to you the best what market can offer

Claudera Enterprise Data Hub

We have the expertise and confidence to shorten your timeline to production. IT Virtual Consultants provides onsite support to design, prototype, deploy, secure, and optimize the complete data pipeline from ETL to data science. We also offer expertise in web servers, distributed logging, message buses, search indexing, and databases. Our final goal is to ensure your infrastructure outperforms standards at every stage of the Big Data lifecycle. Our Solutions Architects draw on the most significant Hadoop knowledge base, documenting hundreds of deployments across all industries to configure your cluster to use-case specifications and fine-tune to avoid downstream issues. Our value added services enclose:

  • Design and Deploy: Any successful solution must be built on a solid base. Often, the greatest challenge to generating value from data in Hadoop is establishing the system architecture to support each relevant use case. We will work side-by-side with your development and operations teams to install or upgrade and certify your Hadoop environment and ensure the success of your Big Data project.
  • Data Transformation Pipeline: Data ingestion and transformation is the first step in all Big Data projects. Hadoop’s extensibility results from high availability of varied and complex data, but the identification of data sources and the provision of HDFS and MapReduce instances can prove challenging. IT Virtual Consultants will architect and implement a custom ingestion and ETL pipeline to quickly bootstrap your Big Data solution.
  • Descriptive Analytics POC: Analysis on any platform begins with describing and summarizing historical data, and Hadoop is no different. However, prosecuting data sets at petabyte scale, particularly including multi-structured data, may require a custom configuration including real-time query and delivery. IT Virtual Consultants will design and implement an analytics process targeting a single use case. This process will also serve as a reference architecture for future solutions.

  • Hadoop Architecture and Components

  • Security Integration Workshop: Transitioning any solution from the concept phase to production requires careful evaluation of the application architecture, hosting platform, and team structures and procedures. A flawed rollout can set back production by months, driving up costs and preventing downstream progress towards sophisticated analytics, monetization, and data science. We will evaluate and review your existing applications, cluster, and team to recommend any changes necessary for a successful production rollout.
  • Knowledge Center for Big Data: If you engage our knowledge center in your company, you can deliver Big Data solutions-as-a-service for your entire company, aligned to key objectives for your industry and operations. A knowledge center engagement with our professional services will set your organization on the path to building a rapidly scalable solutions engine if we use the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub Edition. It provides an environment for teams to learn crucial technical skills and apply information-driven practices to decision-making. As new projects are developed, your knowledge center team will draw on best practices and milestones published from past pilots to improve operational efficiency and focus on achieving business outcomes.

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