Cloud Adoption Stages

We help you with a painless transition

As you grapple with a complex IT landscape, there is more and more pressure to modernize your IT into the next generation of infrastructure, OS, application and data.

We can be your trusted advisor who understands the potential of the cloud and can help your modernization efforts. We help you to transform your IT into the cloud and create a more seamless, integrated IT that is more responsive to your business needs. Here is what we can do for you:

Cloud adoption: Build a robust and secure cloud-computing environment of your choice: private, hybrid, or public cloud, by making use of best-in-class technologies from us and standard processes to deliver infrastructure-as-a service (IaaS) as well as application platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Our offering encloses:

  • Private cloud, IaaS and PaaS enablement services
  • Hybrid cloud enablement services
  • Public cloud enablement services

Cloud Computing Models and Architecture

Technology Modernization: As clients grapple with a complex IT landscape, there is more and more pressure to modernize their IT into the next generation of Infrastructure, OS, application, and data. Having a trusted advisor who understands the potential of cloud and can help with modernization efforts is a strong value proposition for clients. Our offering encloses:

  • Infrastructure transformation
  • Application lifecycle management
  • Mainframe re-hosting
  • Development / testing on the cloud
  • IT simplification
  • Data transformation

Big data and data transformation: With the rise of Internet-scale applications and social media, the data explosion in the enterprise is now making all enterprises look at data, information, and analytics in a completely different manner. Cloud provides a whole new opportunity of leveraging data in the enterprise and making a strong positive impact on the business. Our offering encloses:

  • Cloud-based data strategy and roadmap
  • Development and migration services
  • Enterprise adoption roadmap
  • Sustenance and business ROI

Business oriented services: The success of cloud adoption is complete only when the IT of the organizations starts to move towards being a successful service-oriented IT consumption model. This includes being able to migrate workloads to the cloud from traditional IT, build out new native applications on the cloud, aggregate, intermediate, and set up new services. We help the clients set up a self-service business services catalog on the cloud with automated provisioning and seamless integration with core IT. Our offering encloses:

  • Service onboarding and intermediation
  • Next generation collaboration
  • New platforms development and deployment
  • Application development on the cloud
  • Design and develop for or on the cloud

Cloud Transformation Services

Security services: Based on the workloads that you are planning to migrate to the cloud, we define and deliver a risk-based security framework that addresses your compliance and privacy regulations, as well as tightly integrates with the existing security controls of your enterprise. Our offering encloses:

  • Data security and application security
  • Identity management and governance
  • Access management and federation
  • Security information and event management
  • Closed-loop compliance and security management

If you want to learn more about our value added proposition for Cloud Computing, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.