Cloud Computing Readiness Assessment

We will help you during the transition to the cloud

There is one reality that we usually want to ignore, Cloud Computing original intent was to allow small and medium businesses (SMB) access to Enterprise range applications without the burden of huge capital investments, however we have shift the aim and target Fortune 5oo companies to do the assault to the Cloud, letting SMB on the side of the road, we have not! We have created a conscious guide to begin a journey to Cloud adoption for those SMB and Fortune 500 that still try to figure out how to get there

We offer strategy and advisory services for you to adopt and use cloud for achieving your business objectives. Our consulting services around strategy and advisory are designed to position us as preferred partner for you in terms of advising and guiding you on your cloud journey. It is ideal when we start our engagements with strategy services as it helps us proactively become your cloud ecosystem integrator. Our offerings are:

  • Enterprise cloud readiness assessment
  • Business case and ROI determination
  • Enterprise cloud roadmap and strategy
  • Business service catalog definition
  • Organization change management
  • Brokerage and integration strategy
  • Cloud security strategy and roadmap

The understanding of core business and system requirements is key to the success of moving to the cloud and we can provide that guidance to you. Requirements that one company leverages for its business will vary from those of other enterprises moving to the cloud, for that reason a critical success factor for you is to understand your own requirements. That will take you to break existing system functionality down for the purpose of understanding their applications, data, services, security, and governance, then migrating existing systems to the cloud or creating new systems on cloud-based platforms.

If you want to learn more about our value added proposition for Cloud Computing, please Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.