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Leave traditional application development to us. Most organizations struggle to keep up with business demands, have higher Total Costs of Ownership or being kidnapped by software vendors, as well as unable to take advantage of emerging technologies due to a lack of in-house skills, and have procurement costs that are not aligned with changing business requirements.

Our Development Services allow your organization to take advantage of emerging technologies while offering a substantial reduction in capital expenditure, improved responsiveness to business demands, increased agility and a faster time to market.

We can help organizations more easily create and revise business applications. We combine deep industry experience, highly skilled resources, best-of-breed technologies and proven processes to deliver software solutions that fully support your goals.

We use extensively all current software development methodologies in our work. Before the start of a project, we discuss and agree with our customer upon the methodology that will be used on the project. The selection of a particular methodology for a project depends on the project’s requirements and the customer’s preferences.





India has developed more highly skilled, English speaking people to fit in the future knowledge economy. India has become one of the world’s leading producers of computer software and with mushrooming R&D centers.


Mexico has became the most important Latin America country for the IT industry, this because its geographical position. Countries with big IT Companies see Mexico as the best option for the following years.


We can provide software developers and engineers with wide practical experience, top-tier academic education and a high sense of responsibility, delivering end-to-end services in Software Development and Testing.










Android Studio

Web Technologies

We have been developing cutting-edge web applications for our customers for more than a decade. This is our core competency. IT Virtual Consultants can help you with all your web application needs, be it to redesign an existing website or to develop a multi-tiered web application from scratch. Our developers are proficient in all technologies needed to develop robust, scalable and beautifully designed applications or websites.

We have off-shore resources in Kiev, Ukraine that have very competitive rates and high quality results that have no match in the market. We have group high skilled of professional web designers and developers, that are dedicated to create powerful, effective and engaging websites. Our bold design style and use of ultra-clean, standards-based markup code combine to produce websites that boast exceptional search engine result positions, increased conversions and superior visitor loyalty.

Mobile Technologies

Creating applications for mobile devices on a software platform is no trivial. Ideally, developers will deliver true, mobile applications that stand on their own – and are not just warmed-over Web pages. The most successful mobile applications make full use of mobile device features, such as integrating the microphone, camera, or GPS.

For us creating mobile applications presents specific challenges: not just different operating systems and devices, but also display sizes and on-device features. End users today expect elegant and easy-to-use mobile apps. Otherwise, the app will be deleted. This often means that mobile apps need to be updated every 2-4 weeks, versus annually for many traditional desktop apps. Getting a new app to run flawlessly on all devices within that schedule requires a powerful platform.

We master the art of writing software specific for Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. We have a deep knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of each mobile platform and build mobile applications that are innovative, robust, and designed to maximize the device potential. We provide the full range of mobile services, starting from the analysis and UX design to the delivery to market of the final application.

Cognitive Computing

AI & Machine Learning is here to Stay

Cognitive computing is no longer a buzzword, is the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model. Cognitive computing involves self-learning systems that use data mining, pattern recognition and natural language processing to mimic the way the human brain works. The goal of cognitive computing is to create automated IT systems that are capable of solving problems without requiring human assistance.

Cognitive computing systems use AI and machine learning algorithms. Such systems continually acquire knowledge from the data fed into them by mining data for information. The systems refine the way they look for patterns and as well as the way they process data so they become capable of anticipating new problems and modeling possible solutions.

Our focus in the area of Cognitive Systems lies in delivering solutions that are dynamic and adaptive, fully designed to learn, anticipate, think and support decision making to solve complex business problems and deal efficiently with high volumes of data.

Open Source

Unleash the power for innovation

Open source software, which, compared to commercially licensed software, has advantages such as reduced total cost of ownership, enhanced interoperability, more rapid time-to-market, and technological transparency. Some of the major reasons to use Open Source software are :

  • Reduced Cost of Development up to 85 percent as compared to other technologies
  • Minimum Time-to-Market because of reduced time spent in development
  • Stability, meaning that Open source software ensures that it has identical behavior on different platforms
  • Huge community support, free plugins and development support
  • Quick enhancement and bug fixing

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