Cyber Security

We help you to be more secure and resilient in an interconnected world..


We help enterprises proactively detect, respond to, and recover from cyber risks and threats.

Cloud computing, social media, mobile computing and hyper-connectivity have uncovered numerous new digital business opportunities and enhanced enterprise efficiency. However, this means that businesses expose larger attack surface to cyber-attacks and are now more vulnerable. They must safeguard their assets from prevalent as well as unforeseen risks.

Security for the cloud has been a long discussed topic because of the challenges of data privacy protection, resiliency in the face of attacks, and regulatory compliance while building scalable and flexible services.

Businesses are exploiting modern technology to uncover exciting digital revenue opportunities and enhance enterprise efficiency. However, this often exposes them to several cyber risks, especially identity and information theft. Enterprises need to prepare and protect themselves including their customers from cyber risks and ensure the security of their assets.

Our Cyber Security Implementation Services help enterprises deploy proven risk and compliance management solutions and approaches. We use our expertise, experience and our proven methodologies and processes to help enterprises in following areas.


Cyber Security Implementation Services

ITVC approach to security and privacy provides outstanding support for critical applications and services against the ever-growing security threat landscape. With deep understanding of attacker motives, tactics and tools, a top-of-the-line team of security experts offers strong and efficient support against cyber threats. our services enable organizations to benefit from cloud computing solutions, balancing functionality and security by increasing visibility of risks and security implications.

Identity and Access Management

  • Identity and Access Governance Solutions
  • Web Access Management solutions
  • SSO, Risk based Authentication and
  • API Security solutions
  • Privileged Access Management solutions

Fraud Management and Digital Forensics

  • Disk, Network and Mobile Forensics
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Cyber Security incident investigation
  • Malware Analysis
  • E-Discovery

Enterprise Vulnerability Management

  • Threat Profiling
  • Cyber Training
  • Securing SDLC
  • Vulnerability Remediation Program
  • Vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and ethical hacking

Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Solution design and implementation
  • Supplier Risk Framework
  • Implementation of Data Protection & Privacy Solutions
  • Privacy impact assessment (PIA & GDPR)
  • Risk & Compliance maturity assessment

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