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An Agnostic View to Choose IT Services.


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At IT Virtual Consultants we help you to select the best way to procure a service and decide whether you are best served by performing a business requirement in-house (insourcing) or contracting it out to a third-part service provider (outsourcing). We coach you step by step to choose the correct source for your IT services and technologies.

We become an extension of your vendor management office (VMO) helping you with the analysis for making the right decision that could be based on cost savings, but it also takes into account location, quality and expediency. We carry out a comparative analysis and recommending the most appropriate sourcing arrangement for you.

We know that IT outsourcing can be an excellent way to achieve the IT maturity needed to deliver services more efficiently and effectively, being agile and responsive when internal IT staff don’t possess the desired skill sets and you don’t have the resources to train them quickly enough to meet the demands of the business. And, particularly in troubling economic times, your organization seeks workforce flexibility and access to an employee base they can scale up or down as needed without laying off staff or devoting time and resources to the hiring process. IT Virtual Consultants is here to help along the way to select the Rightsourcing for you!

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