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Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) As Backbone

Whether you need to streamline your processes across your supply chain, finance, or HR, an ERP consulting solution from us can help to transform your business.

We are commitment to the small and mid-market has a foundation on a deep understanding of what those segments want, while capitalizing on the expertise, extended partnerships, economies of scale and global vision we have acquired through years of successful deployments.

The outcome? Affordable and easy-to-deploy industry-specific solutions, dedicated consultants who understand your needs, and services that optimize your IT resources and deliver productivity, flexibility and value tailored to your tactical and strategic objectives.

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Strategic Planning

Successful businesses must plan for their future. Business success is the result of Strategic IT planning which is aligned with the business plans to ensure that IT is in a place to support the businesses vision and growth. IT planning isn’t just adding another PC when a new employee is hired, it’s anticipating the network infrastructure needs when a new line of business is created or a merge with other company requires a smooth integration.

Strategic Enterprise Applications Planning

A successful SEAP must include planning for:

  • Application Road-map – Focused on supporting the business’ functional needs in all the operational areas of the business (i.e., Manufacturing, Finance, Supply Chain, etc.).
  • Technology Road-map – Infrastructure and current state technology to support the growth and application needs.
  • Data Analysis – Appropriately securing and tracking Data, an invaluable corporate asset.
  • Organizational Inventory – People training, support, head count, and operational needs to support the user base.
  • Current Business Processes – Analyzing current business processes with a road-map to future business processes.

Software Selection and Rationalization Solutions

Establish Selection Committee Conduct a Bidder’s Conference
Confirm Business Direction Analyze RFP responses
Develop Detailed Functional Requirements Prepare Demo Scripts
Analyze Current Technology Conduct Vendor Demonstrations
Analyze Vendors Analyze Demonstration Results
Create Evaluation Criteria Conduct Vendor Site Visits
Develop a Request For Proposal Vendor Selection


Project Management

Have you asked yourself : Why my project has failed? and without a question several books can be written about all the reasons. Finding the perfect balance in the triple constraint (Scope – Time – Budget) has been the eternal quest for excellence for all the project managers, with millions of dollars wasted along the way. By definition two projects are not equal, PMI fundamentals to manage them are, and we bring the excellence of project management with the best practices by industry to significantly decrease the margin of error to deliver what was promised


We Specialize In Business Transformation Projects

  • Postmodern Enterprise Software Strategy.
  • Business Analytics and Big Data Roll Outs.
  • Cloud Computing Adoption.
  • Cybersecurity Initiatives.
  • Mobility and IoT Strategy, Build and Deployment.
  • Near-shore/Off-shore Delivery Centers Strategy

Project Management Services Portfolio

  • Project Management Office (PMO): We deploy two basic models of PMOs: one that acts in a consulting capacity, providing project managers in business units with training, guidance and best practices; and a centralized version, with project managers on staff who are loaned out to business units to work on projects.
  • Coaching : We will assist and coach you project managers as needed, we will review project plans, status reports, deliverables and advise you with critical decision-making, re-planning and prioritizing, as well managing unexpected issues
  • Audits : We will perform a detailed audit for your projects at execution or closing phases; determining progress, status, forecast, risks and outstanding post-mortem findings.
  • Forensics : We will provide comprehensive turnaround services to rescue your projects in progress that are seriously wounded. We will audit your project, document our findings and act as a catalyst for guiding your team through recovery tactics and turnaround.


Technology Optimization

Have you ever wonder if you are fully taking advantage of your current technology infrastructure that supports your mission critical applications. You are not alone, companies from small to Fortune 500 have the same dilemma, each one tackling the problem in different ways, however with the same result, uncertainty!. We are here to help to address this problem with a new and fresh approach, based in metrics not in perceptions.

Technology Optimization Offering

  • Application Performance: We approach our assessment in two different ways, first we focus in process and the way you are using the application to detect any possible improvement for you, secondly we dig into the technology foundation supporting your enterprise application (OS, Networking, Database, Application Servers, Web Servers and Cloud configurations).
  • Hardware and Software Consolidation: We perform a detailed analysis from your current infrastructure to rationalize IT resources to reduce costs in recurring charges that inflate you budget.
  • Business Process Automation: Based on the principals of lean manufacturing, we help you to identify, automate and measure all those process bottlenecks that block your company to achieve cost/effective operations.
  • Integrations Validation, Design and Implementation: As part of our TIOp AdvantageTM Methodology we help your organization to evaluate its maturity to adopt SOA, if it proceeds we will work with you to design and build SOA solutions that will truly impact your business.

Platform Revamp Services

Once you made your decision we can help you to execute this major initiative with success because upgrades and migrations are core business for us. Our clients rely on us to provide the most effective and efficient platform revamp support using our proven approach and specialized tools:

  • Tailor-in methodology: Our platform revamp methodology is more than just a defined series of project work steps, it is an aggregation of industry best practices for tool and version upgrades, incorporating lessons learned from years of upgrade/migration projects.
  • Best Practices Assets: Our consultants have access to our upgrade library and are encouraged to contribute applicable upgrade tools and templates and test scripts
  • Platform Revamp Value Analysis Tool: Our Platform Revamp assessment process analyzes the Cost vs. Benefit of a proposed tool or version upgrade or software migration and the expected return on investment.

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